Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a planner for my wedding?

Weddings and events are a true labor of love. Hours of planning, organizing, communicating, and stressing are spent on one event. Many couples prefer to do a lot of the planning and organizing on their own – and if that’s your jam, that’s great! However, on your big day, the last thing you need to be doing is checking in vendors, setting up tables, distributing corsages, and making sure the centerpieces are perfectly placed. Your job is to take it all in and enjoy the day with your new spouse and loved ones. Whether you want to do the majority of the planning and just need someone to step in for the last few weeks and event day, or you prefer to have someone take the reigns and get it all done for you, Fiore Events has you covered!

I’ve looked through your packages and I am looking for something you haven’t listed. Can you help? 

There is a good chance I can help! Shoot me a message and we’ll chat.

I’m not sure which package would be best for my wedding. Help!

Let’s grab coffee or lunch and spend some time discussing your needs. We can go over all the options and work together to find the perfect one for you. We can also customize a unique package just for you.

I could use some help with proposal planning…but I don’t want my future fiance to know. Will you keep it a secret?

Mum’s the word, I promise! Proposal planning is one of my favorite things, and I will make sure that your future spouse is only as informed as you want him or her to be! 

Is there a fee for your consultations?

No – consultations are free! I believe that you need to be able to meet with potential wedding and event vendors without a financial commitment to make sure that they fit what you’re looking for. You should feel 100% comfortable with your choice of wedding or event planners for the big day. A free, face-to-face meeting is the best way to ensure that I’m a good fit for your style and personality.

I am part of a non-traditional relationship. Do you work with non-traditional weddings and/or events?

Yes, absolutely! I work with both traditional and non-traditional couples to make wedding dreams come true! 

How do you collect payment for your services? 

Payment is collected in three installments. The first half is collected as a deposit upon the acceptance and signing of the contract. The final two payments are due 8 weeks and 3 weeks prior to the event date. All payments are processed securely through my event planning software.