Hi! I’m Julie. I’m a checklist person. I’m a lot of other things, too. But there’s just something wonderful about putting a big, fat check mark next to a task. When I was growing up, my parents quickly figured this out – the best way to make sure I got my chores done was to make me a list! Now, my husband is the one who gets to experience the fun of me exclaiming “How about we make a to-do list?” every single weekend.

Speaking of my husband, his name is John and he will act as the second set of hands on your wedding day. He assists me with making sure all the details are falling into place, ensuring vendors are arriving on time, and helping with the literal heavy lifting. I am so grateful that I get to work with him doing something we both love! 

I’ve began planning events for over 5 years. Ultimately, my goal is to help bring your vision to life – a vision that is customized for you and you alone. “Cookie cutter” events just aren’t my style. I love finding way to incorporate special and personal touches throughout your wedding to make it uniquely “you”.

Our job is to make sure that everything is exactly where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Your job is to take it all in, enjoy the experience, and have a blast (without lifting a finger) on your wedding day.

Bottom line: we’ve got you covered! If our style sounds like it fits what you’re looking for, let’s meet up for coffee and chat!