Meet Julie

Wedding Planner + Eternal Hype Woman | Enneagram 7w8 | she/her
We hear the same thing all the time – weddings are stressful. Planning is difficult. Well, you know what? I disagree. I’m ready to flip the script on all that mess. Why does planning your most awesome day feel like it needs to be this way? What if, instead of seeing your big day as a hurdle to trudge through, we were able to see it as an opportunity to celebrate you and your future spouse in the most uniquely “you” celebration possible? It’s a chance to throw one heck of a party that encompasses all the things you and your amazing other half love about one another. Because that’s exactly what it should be. And I’m here to tell you that it’s completely possible. Hit me up and let’s have some fun! P.S. Tell your pets hi for me.